Why Use Luggage Straps?

Sex toys can be a fun and novel way to engage in sex by yourself or with a partner. Messy is hot, wetter is better, and lube makes both penetrating with a strap-on and getting fucked by one much easier. It may feel really vulnerable to have intercourse with a strap-on for the first time. Sometimes feeling the woman's vagina clench around my dildo (I can feel the dildo tugging on the harness when this happens) also mentally arouses me quite a bit.

I also find the process of dealing with finding the perfect strap length to be inconvenient, since I often share harnesses with other people and can't just set it and forget it. They also sit low on the hips (by necessity), and as a curvy gal, I always have to get over the desire to want to pull them up to a more flattering position to avoid a muffin top.

The female wearing this strap-on will experience some internal stimulation from the bulbous section that is inserted. In the same manner, a couple also selects any types of dildo sex toys. She has taught countless classes on Pegging, Toxic Toys and Basic Anal Play, moderated panels at CatalystCon East and West, presented on the main stage at the BIL conference, and is a published writer in Women's Best Erotica 2014.

Of course, not all strap-on dildos look exactly like a human penis. The ones that are strapless and give woman pleasure at the same time (G-spot or vibrating, or both). Simply adjust the straps until you feel comfortable and ready to dive in. Having adjustable straps also comes in handy especially when both partners will be using the same harness and are of different body sizes.

Dildos are one of the most traditional, most widely used and owned sex toys on the market. Latex harnesses usually cover the entire area, rather than just using straps. Along with feeling like the strap-on is part of you, those who bottom or receive the penetration can enjoy the same pride as well.

Lube is especially important if you're new to anal or vaginal experimentation, apply liberally and always make sure its water-based as its safe to use with condoms and sex toys I made the mistake of using non-water-based once and it was an awful realization.

To choose the perfect size of a strap-on dildo you must consider a few things. And, while it may be more convenient to strapon dildo throw your straps in a pile when not in use, taking that little extra time to sort them out will pay dividends when you next come to use them.

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